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Posted by SourCherryJack - March 31st, 2016

May as well give some insight into what's up, if you're on my user page you might be interested. 

General stuff: I currently go to community college (cheap yo!) my major is fashion design, though I'm not very good at it (I put a sewing needle straight through my finger on an industrial machine last year, fun story) so I'll probably end up changing that to illustration or something along those lines. With school I've been trying to get a good registration date so I've been unable to get any General ed's so I've been taking mostly art and German classes and a few fashion classes, I've actually learned a lot, got into some new mediums and learned techniques on the art side. I feel like art classes are bashed a lot here on Newgrounds - and I used to be of the same mind, but when I got to more specialized classes rather than general art I found them to be much more useful. 

I play hockey every Sunday (roller, ice is money, honey) that's a lot of fun, if you've never played I'd strongly recommend giving it a shot. Lately I've been trying to learn how to play Street Fighter V, the first in the series I've ever owned. I kinda got caught up in the hype with that one. I've always been a Tekken and Mortal Kombat player, Street Fighter never appealed much to me and I'm still not in love with it; it doesn't help that all the character designs except Chun Li's standard and Dhalsim  are super duper Fugly, seriously what the fuck, Ken's face. Other than that I've been chipping away at Bloodborne's the Old Hunters DLC but progress is slow most of my free time is spent painting or drawing. 

Miscellaneous: I like, and frequently draw Jesters, cats and crescent moons as well as, to a lesser extent Insects (just the neat ones though praying mantis, moths etc). Ink is probably my most used medium historically, though lately I've been favoring markers colored pencils and oil paints. I got a thing for socks, all the many pairs I own are at least knee high with some pattern or design, usually argyle though I've got some really neat Le Chat Noir socks. I strongly favor vertical formats over landscape when doing art. I also favor asymmetrical hairdos. 

I STILL DO ART REVIEWS BY REQUEST just pm me with a link to a SINGLE FINISHED piece of yours and I'll give you an in depth review to the best of my (I'm gonna brag here) quite adept abilities. 

I made this post because I've been on Newgrounds for going on seven years now and I figure I may as well properly introduce myself, if for some reason there's anything else you want to know about me, feel free to ask away. 




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I swear between the time i asked you about the art trade and the time I finished it you became a mod, congrats on that. If congrats are even in order for having to manage such horrors.

Thank you, the modding was really out of nowhere but I'm glad my trying to be a helpful poster paid off in a way that wasn't just warm fuzzy feelings of helping people occasionally.