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Post Pico-Day Sketchbook Fun-Time!

Posted by SourCherryJack - May 10th, 2016

Pico Day was awesome I had a ton of fun, it was great seeing all of you people that I saw there the hype for future years is cranked up to eleven, hope to see all of you there again and meet the people I didn't get a chance to. 

Moving on, here's the sketchbook scribbles  I got from all you super cool dudes and dudettes, I sort of left it around and it must've gotten buried somewhere unfortunately, but thank you so much to all of you that got to it!

Page 1 @zombie-pimp @mysticskillz Love the teeth, Zombie. It was great talking to you while you drawing it, even drunk you kicked some ass on those tits, Skillz!

Page 2  @yurgenburgen @superphil-sh @yakovlevart All you were awesome to hang with, all of you are killer artists and all of you on one page is a thing of beauty!

Page 3 @ornery (inert) @Turkeyonastick (sticky hands ToaS) Great times were had by all!

Page 4 @sillybeans and missed the name, but thank you!

Page 5 @rikert Awesome drawing, dude, love the eyes and figure, it was surreal scribbling beside you!

Page 6 @radiodark Already can't wait for the next Dark + Test + Jack collaboration

Page 7 @cryburger pretty sure this is you, didn't see you do it, but I'm happy you did, man!

Page 8 @wellingl @itsmacklin I don't think I had an opportunity to meet either of you, but thank you for leaving some drawings for me! Pointy and round looks like somebody's gonna get popped!.

Page 9 @almightyhans Awesome talking with you man, couldn't have asked for a better welcoming man to HQ. Surprising to find out you live so close to me too!

Page 10 @fgijonc Cool talking with you man, looking forward to seeing your work in the future!

Page 11 @EVanimations @Son23 dextheswede long haired dude I can't remember the name of, but talking to you was great dude, looking forward to your Flintstones anime (pretty sure you were that guy)!

Page 12 @dreaminerryday @barnhouse hanging with you guys for a bit was great, you guys got some sick looking work.

Page 13 @Bowz @supardanil @mosh-bit-cartoons Thank you guys for all the sick drawings, great talking to the dude I learned to draw bears from haha!

That's about it I think, I can't believe I didn't get a drawing from @test-object! What happened there man!? At least I got some hugz. Same with @mattyburrito great conversations dude, goodluck going forward with everything!

Great year everyone, thank you @TomFulp for Newgrounds and giving the community such a great day to meet up. Without Newgrounds I don't know if I'd have even gotten into Art and now I'm seven years in and couldn't imagine life any other way. Go Team!

Comments (7)

Was nice to see ya again dude! Wish we'd got to hang out more, Picoday should be a week long event! Will likely do my Picoday post tomorrow and get to post that fantastic phalic masterpiece you, @test-object and @radiodark did.

Hell yeah dude, a whole week long Pico Bender would be sick! That piece is easily one of the highlights of the day and of my art career, so proud of it and I'm happy to have shared it with you!

glad to draw in your sketchbook anytime dude

Same time next year? =D

My friend was http://barnhouse.newgrounds.com/, and word dude it was chill hanging and drawing for a bit!

THANK YOU, I'll add him in now!

Your welcome. Yeah, I was buzz.

Hey man, thanks for the shoutout, I appreciate it! I was apprehensive about drawing in anyone's sketchbooks because I feel my art work isn't up to a snuff in any form, but I wanted to just do more than write my name, you know?

But I am excited to put out the stuff I have planned. I'm still leaking adrenaline from being at the NG HQ.

Until Next year!

Yeah dude, never be afraid to scribble in someone's sketchbook, its Picoday dude everyone's welcome to scribble whatever wherever!

Aw yeah I don't think we had the chance to meet but I'm happy you liked my drawing! :)

Always down for some spiky monster creatures!

Hell of a retrospective to flick through, Jack, and a damn good idea.

Thanks dude, nice to see you popping in!